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Should You Still Consider Subscriber Count for Your Next Campaign?

As an advertiser getting ready to start your influencer marketing campaign, your first thought is always to reach out to influencers with big subscriber counts, right? The more subscribers, the bigger the reach! But what about the results for your campaign? How much correlation is there between the subscriber count and the number of clicks or referrals they produce? If some big YouTuber has a high subscriber count, but is only pulling less than 30% of that number in views, will your conversions show profitable?

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The Competition for Streaming Platforms

For around a decade now, Twitch has been the top streaming platform, being the starting point for some of today’s top streamers who have built different communities all throughout the gaming community. On Twitch, content creators are able to engage with their viewers, build friendships with other content creators, and potentially build their career.

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4 Reasons Why Pre-Roll Ads are More Effective than Full-Dedicated Videos Ads

Pre-roll ads are promotional video messages that play before the content the user has selected. They usually run between 30-90 seconds after the channel introduction.

Full-dedicated video ads  are standalone sponsored advertisements that usually run between 5-15 minutes. These ads can cover first impressions, let’s play, and offers an overall, in-depth review.

A common misconception with influencer marketing is that a 5-10 minute full length, sponsored ad will perform better than a 30-90 second pre-roll integration in terms of click and view conversions. While in rare cases this may be true, studies show that a pre-roll video will not only drive more traffic to your video game, but will protect the Youtube channel’s authenticity, prevent ad oversaturation, and is the most cost-effective way to hire as many influencers for your marketing campaign. Here are 5 reasons why pre-rolls are a much better route to take for your upcoming game:

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3 Veteran MMORPGs Keeping this Genre Alive

The year is 2006, you’re just getting home from school and you try to determine how fast you can complete your reading assignment so that you can explore Victoria Island, Orbis, and Ludibrium all in a single night. Your friends want to party up with you, but you don’t want to share experience with noobs. Your control key is wearing down and your desk is full of empty water bottles, yet somehow, in some weird way, you are okay with Maplestory taking over your prepubescent life.

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